Museum of Louvre-Lens, 2018

A museum is a changing space that builds its history by acquiring new pieces and thus constitutes its richness and singularity towards the public. The Trésors exhibition presents the latest acquisitions of the Louvre Museum, which are presented for the first time to the public.

Three large circular walls come to marry the shapes of the existing bubbles of the Glass Pavilion to create a real showcase for the works, respecting the requirements of conservations, while creating a path for the visitor. These double skins are covered with colored gradients reminiscent of the universe of each work presented, giving a particular atmosphere inside each bubble, supported by the presence of a carpet in harmony with the chosen colors.

AtoY also decides to rely on the scenography of the works of the Grand Gallery to accompany the visitor in a continuity towards these three bubbles with singular identity. The typography is implanted outside the bubbles and recalls the furniture of the Gallery of Time.

Museum of Louvre-Lens

Scenography and graphics of a temporary exhibition

27 june 2018 – 17 september 2018


Photo credits
Juan Jerez

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