SYNERGIES, Between tradition and modernity

Maison de la culture du Japon, 2018

This exhibition presents objects from eighteen different Japanese regions. The structure, made of poplar plywood, is self-supported and allows transparency in the space. The different regions are presented one after the other, during the course that is fluid and free at the same time.

This self-supported system is maintained thanks to a method of interlocking between horizontal and vertical elements, allowing a quick and easy assembly and disassembly while being reusable for other needs at the end of the event.

AtoY also designed the graphics of Synergies. A large map of Japan on a wall allows visitors to locate each region presented and panels describing the regions and objects are also available to the public to understand the exhibition.

Clair Paris

House of japanese culture of Paris

Scenography and graphics for a japanese event

Works                                                                                      Objects from different japanese regions

Exhibition date
6 February 2018 – 17 February2018