KYOTO REVELATIONS, Savoir, Tradition et Innovation Kyoto

Salons Hoche Paris, 2018

As part of the « Savoir, Tradition et Innovation Kyoto » event, the Elysée Hall of the Salon Hoche of Paris has temporarily become the setting for a selection of Kyoto products and materials. The goal for atelier AtoY was to highlight the Japanese culture and the legacy of the products on display, inside an environment full of Baroque decorative elements and French architecture.

Fine wooden structures, arranged throughout the space, are used as displays. Large washi paper canvases are used as a calm and neutral background for the objects presented. In order to meet the needs of each exhibitor, in the most satisfying way, the lighting has been individually designed and integrated into the wooden structure.

Atelier AtoY also created the graphics of this exhibition. Printed on washi cloths, short presentations allow visitors to better understand the history and area of expertise of each exhibitor.

CCI de Kyoto – Comité d’organisation de Savoir, Tradition et Innovation Kyoto

Scenography and graphics for an exhibition salon

Exhibition date
19 June 2018 – 20 June 2018

Serge Damon (lights)

Photo Credits
Rèï Dumand